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Dear Atmabandhu,

Namaskaram and Welcome to Saranya Ayurveda Hospital!

We are very glad that you have chosen Saranya as your ayurvedic healing destination.  On behalf of the entire Saranya team, we are happy to welcome you to become a member of our family and to use this "healing space" to embark on a healing journey which involves not just the physical but also the mental (or emotional), the spiritual, the social and the environmental aspects of well being.

We have put in some information here on the "patient page" to help you prepare well for your arrival here. We will continue to update the information to prepare you better for the treatment.

We have a request - please do follow the advice given by us to maximize the benefit from the treatment process. We do realize that some of our advice may be difficult to follow but it is rendered in your best interest. If at any point in time, you are unable to follow our advice properly and we feel that it is detrimental to your healing process, we may be forced to stop the treatments to protect you from any undue effects. Hence please do cooperate with us in this regard. We desire to see you healthy and happy and we will put in our best efforts towards the achievement of this goal.

If you are coming to Saranya after a long plane journey, you may be considerably tired; in which case, please feel free to sleep as much as you desire to get over the fatigue of the trip. It is good to get this fatigue out of the way on the first day so that you can focus on the healing process after that.

We are here to help you; please do not hesitate to contact either of us for anything that you need during your stay here.

We wish you a pleasant healing experience.

Yours in the service of Ayurveda

The Medical Team
Saranya Ayurveda Hospital



Some contacts you can carry while you travel to and stay in Saranya Ayurveda Hospital


Saranya Ayurveda Hospital,



Pichanur, Coimbatore -641105.

Tamil Nadu

 Direction to Saranya : 

Important Phone Numbers

Mr. Sunil (Manager)

Front Office :


Location: Saranya Campus is located around 20kms outside Coimbatore in southern India. It is in the middle of the farmland and the place is generally quiet, peaceful and free from noise and dust pollution.

Getting to Saranya: It is best to fly into Coimbatore international airport which is connected by daily flights with Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi. You can also fly into Coimbatore directly from Singapore and Dubai on specific days in a week.

From Coimbatore airport, Saranyais around 30kms away (a car drive of around 50 minutes).

The taxi fare (in 2014) is as follows -

Please note that the above rates are subject to change based on the prevailing rates.

If you inform us of your travel plans in advance, we can arrange to send you a car of your choice to pick you up from the airport.


Please do remember to verify whether you need to get a visa for landing in India. Patients from most countries need to have a visa (medical / tourist) to come to India. For a smoother immigration process, it is better to take a medical visa when you come for Ayurveda treatment to India. The process of getting a visa can take anywhere between 1-12 weeks (or sometimes even more), depending on where you are located.

For those of you who get an e-visa, please do verify the airports in India where you can clear immigration with the e-visa - as of date, you cannot land in Coimbatore International Airport with an e-visa. Also do remember that generally, you cannot get an extension of stay on your e-visa.

In case of any doubt, please do speak with your travel agent to ensure that your journey to India is smooth and without hurdles.


You might want to check with your travel agent about the possibility of acquiring overseas travel medical insurance. This would be useful in case of any emergency medical need during your stay in India.


Things to bring with you when you come for treatment to Saranya

Some important points

An international patient should also bring -

Things NOT to bring with you 

Some Advice



The Ayurveda texts advise "complete cessation of activity" during the Ayurveda treatment processes like panchakarma, snehapana, shirodhara, pizhichil, shirovasti etc.; many of the advice continue to be applicable for several days after the treatment is over till the healing process is complete.

Some advice that our physicians give during your stay in Saranya (for all treatments) include -

BATH: Generally the therapist will give you a bath after your treatment. They use warm water for the body and lukewarm water for the head. We suggest that you dont take baths in the room by yourself.

DAY SLEEP: Our physicians advise you to avoid sleeping during the day during the treatment process. 

EXERCISE: Exercise or exertion in any form is to be avoided for the duration of your stay in Saranya. You can do slow-paced walking (when it's not too sunny or rainy), attend yoga sessions or practice your own regimen according to the advice of the physicians.

EXPOSURE TO SUN, WIND, RAIN: Exposure to sun, wind, rain and other natural elements should also be avoided during the period of the treatment. Your body becomes very tender during this process and is susceptible to the influence of external elements. Hence the more you stay indoors and well protected, the better will be benefited from the healing process.

MUSIC: During the treatment process, our physicians advise complete physical and mental rest. However, since this is difficult for most of us, they advise us to listen to soft, gentle soothing music or devotional songs or mantras whenever we feel like some activity.

NATURAL URGES: Do not suppress natural urges like the urge to urinate or the urge to pass wind or stool; it is important that these urges are immediately attended to. Thus even during the actual treatment, if you feel the need to relieve yourself, please do tell your therapists and go ahead.

REST: Complete physical and mental rest is advised during the treatment; the more the rest, the greater the healing benefit. The less we use the telephone (or mobile phone) and computer (or laptop or ipad), the better it is for the healing process.

SLEEP: It is good to go to bed early at night by around 9 pm; in the morning, you will be required to be awake by 5.45 am-6 am to drink your morning medicine.

TALKING / LAUGHING: Complete physical and mental rest also means that you should minimize your interactions and reduce unnecessary talk during the treatment duration.

TRAVEL: We strongly advise you to desist from traveling during the treatment as well as for a few days after the treatment.

NOTE - If the above advice or the advice given by the physicians is not strictly followed, you may not be able to get the full benefit from the treatments that you undergo at Saranya.


The Ayurveda texts clearly describe the probable side effects that can occur by violating the prescribed regimen. Please do remember that it is not absolutely compulsory that all these side effects occur in everyone who violates the regimen. It is only that there is a greater probability for the occurrence of these problems in all those who violate the dietary and lifestyle regimen and that is why these restrictions need to be strictly implemented to ensure that the patient gets the best treatment and consequently maximizes the benefit. Briefly put, they are as follows:


FOOD: Food is medicine according to Ayurveda. However during the treatment, “medicine is food”; and hence the endeavour is to keep the food as light as possible so that digestion happens easily and the focus can be entirely on the healing process.

DRINKING WATER: Warm medicated herbal drinking water is provided in to your room; if you need more water, please do not hesitate to request the same. Ayurveda recommends the use of this warm herbal water as it aids digestion and also purifies the body.


At different stages of your stay in Saranya, different Ayurveda treatments will be administered based on your specific need as assessed by your physicians at Saranya. The information given herein will help you to understand more about your treatments and how you can contribute to maximizing the benefits from each of these treatments.

Please note that the general information given below is applicable to all the treatments. The information specific to your treatment program will be updated to you by your medical team. 

General information

Procedure :



Do nots

In addition to the above, your physicians may have specific advice for you based on your medical condition and your specific need. Please do follow all the advice rendered to maximise the benefit from the healing process. In case you are unable to follow the advice properly and our physicians feel that it is detrimental to the healing process, they may decide to stop your treatments to prevent any adverse effects. We hope that you understand that all decisions taken are in your best interest.

If you would like to have more information regarding the reasons behind the do's and don'ts, you can also speak to your physicians and request them to explain this in greater detail.





Important Contact numbers

In case of any administrative emergency, please contact the following numbers.