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SAH campus hosts 3 temples

These three temples soar the healing energy of the Saranya Ayurveda Hospital Campus. Annadhanam and Special Homams are conducted from time to time and they are 

Bhagavathi temple

The ‘Prathishta’ of the Bhagavathi temple was done in an auspicious muhurta with the sankalpa of “Mahalakshmi” to enhance the Poshana or nourishing energy of the deity to suit the hospital and its patients on campus as well as to remove karma dosha of the bhakta.

Every year, for the Chottanikkara makam thozhal festival, lady doctors for AVP group of institutions come here to immerse in the healing power of Devi.

Important Poojas and Offerings to Goddess CHOTTANIKKARA DEVI

Guruvayoorappan temple

The Guruvayoorappan temple has the sankalpa of Lord Krishna in Guruvayoor. Important Poojas and Offerings to LORD GURUVAYOORAPPAN 

Snake Temple

Snake Temple or Sarpa Shrine or Sarpa Kaavu is a traditional natural sacred place that is seen in ancient homes of South India. It is usually considered as an abode for all creatures and usually has some representation of Naga lords to give offerings to.

Additionally Sarpa kavu help in soil and water conservation besides preserving its rich biological wealth. Sarpa kavu or Snake temple in Saranya campus pays homage to nature which is rich and diverse.