Ayurveda, the knowledge system, which is in perfect harmony with the Indian thought process, does not aim at a mere cure of the disease, instead, it looks to harmonize the living, and restore it to its natural state of equilibrium.

Ayurveda describes how the “living body is only a microcosm of the macrocosm that is nature” and all elements that exist in the latter are reflected in the living body. This close interaction with nature forms the basis for the Ayurveda thought process and is the foundation, on which all the theories, principles, classifications etc., are built.

Studying Ayurveda is to learn, this interaction between the Nature and Man, which calls for a deep understanding of both. An Ayurveda practitioner must be one who should understand this unique connection and help a person to bring back this harmony.

Krishnakumarji was passionate about “creating Ayurveda experts” who have truly imbibed this spirit of Ayurveda; and who are LIVING Ayurveda, not just practising Ayurveda.

In this vision in mind, Krishnakumarji initiated a series of Ayurveda courses and training programs. He initiated the academic activities at AHET Saranya Campus, in the year 2017, with the Karmaprakashini series of Webinars, which shed lights on the procedural aspects of Ayurveda.

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