Guidelines for patients

Dear Atmabandhu,

Namaskaram and Welcome to Saranya Ayurveda Hospital!

We are very glad that you have chosen Saranya as your ayurvedic healing destination. On behalf of the entire Saranya team, we are happy to welcome you to become a member of our family and to use this “healing space” to embark on a healing journey which involves not just the physical but also the mental (or emotional), the spiritual, the social and the environmental aspects of well being.

We have put in some information here on the “patient page” to help you prepare well for your arrival here. We will continue to update the information to prepare you better for the treatment.

We have a request – please do follow the advice given by us to maximize the benefit from the treatment process. We do realize that some of our advice may be difficult to follow but it is rendered in your best interest. If at any point in time, you are unable to follow our advice properly and we feel that it is detrimental to your healing process, we may be forced to stop the treatments to protect you from any undue effects. Hence please do cooperate with us in this regard. We desire to see you healthy and happy and we will put in our best efforts towards the achievement of this goal.

If you are coming to Saranya after a long plane journey, you may be considerably tired; in which case, please feel free to sleep as much as you desire to get over the fatigue of the trip. It is good to get this fatigue out of the way on the first day so that you can focus on the healing process after that.

We are here to help you; please do not hesitate to contact either of us for anything that you need during your stay here.

We wish you a pleasant healing experience.

Yours in the service of Ayurveda

The Medical Team
Saranya Ayurveda Hospital