Immersed within the tranquil grounds of Saranya Ayurveda Hospital, three majestic temples exude their divine aura, showering blessings on all who seek solace.

The Bhagavathi Temple, devoted to Mahalakshmi, radiates nourishing energy, dispelling karmic hindrances and fostering holistic healing.The Guruvayoorappan Temple, venerating Lord Krishna, emanates wisdom and compassion, infusing the environment with transformative vibrations. The Snake Temple, a testament to nature’s unity, honors the interconnectedness of all creatures, preserving their habitat and invoking harmony.

Together, these sacred spaces form a spiritual sanctuary where the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda merges with the divine, enveloping patients and visitors in a profound journey of well-being and self-discovery.

Bhagavathi Temple

The Bhagavathi Temple at Saranya Ayurveda Hospital serves as a tranquil sanctuary within the healing environment. The temple’s Prathishta ceremony invoked the presence of Mahalakshmi, the divine nourisher, aligning her energy with the hospital’s mission of holistic wellness. This sacred space aids in removing karmic obstacles and bestowing blessings upon patients and devotees. The temple’s serene ambiance, combined with the divine vibrations, creates a conducive atmosphere for healing, promoting spiritual well-being and invoking positive energy. It serves as a reminder of the inherent connection between spirituality and Ayurvedic healing.

Every year, for the Chottanikkara makam thozhal festival, lady doctors for AVP group of institutions come here to immerse in the healing power of Devi.

Important Poojas and Offerings to Goddess CHOTTANIKKARA DEVI:

  • Pushpanjali
  • Aikyamathya sooktham
  • Bhagyasooktha pushpanjali
  • Swayamvara pushpanjali
  • Guruthi pushpanjali
  • Raktha pushpanjali
  • Kumkumarchana
  • Lalitha sahasranama archana
  • Enna vilakku
  • Nei vilakku

Guruvayoorappan Temple

The Guruvayoorappan Temple at Saranya Ayurveda Hospital is a divine abode dedicated to Lord Krishna as Guruvayoorappan. With its sacred sankalpa, the temple amplifies the healing vibrations of Lord Krishna, inviting his benevolent energy into the hospital’s environment. As Lord Krishna is revered for his wisdom, compassion, and healing abilities, the temple becomes a source of solace and spiritual rejuvenation for patients, staff, and visitors. The divine aura of the temple and the enchanting presence of Guruvayoorappan infuse the surroundings with positivity, promoting inner peace, and facilitating the healing process.

Important Poojas and Offerings to LORD GURUVAYOORAPPAN:

  • Pushpanjali
  • Bhagyasooktha pushpanjali
  • Santhanagopala manthra archana
  • Vishnau sahasranama archana
  • Venna nivedhyam
  • Thrikkai venna
  • Banana sugar nivedhyam
  • Palpayasam
  • Nei vilakku
  • Enna vilakku
  • Chanthanam charthal (Thirumukham)
  • One day pooja

Snake Temple

Snake Temple or Sarpa Shrine or Sarpa Kaavu nestled within Saranya Ayurveda Hospital’s campus, is a sacred haven embodying the rich traditions of South India. Serving as an abode for the Naga lords, the temple represents the harmonious coexistence of all creatures and the preservation of nature’s delicate balance. Paying homage to the ecosystem, the Sarpa Shrine not only holds cultural significance but also offers a profound connection to healing and Ayurvedic wisdom. It reminds us of the intricate interplay between human health and the environment, emphasizing the importance of sustainable practices and our responsibility as caretakers of the Earth. The Snake Temple serves as a gentle reminder of the inter-connectedness of all life forms and fosters a deep sense of reverence for nature’s abundant healing energy.


These three temples soar the healing energy of the Saranya Ayurveda Hospital Campus. Annadhanam and Special Homams are conducted from time to time and they are:

Ganapathy homam
Sudarshana homam
Mrithyunjaya homam
Dhanwanthari homam