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Dhara when performed all over the body with warm medicated liquids, is a form of sudation. The liquid is frequently warmed and is poured on the entire body from a certain height by 2 or 3 therapists. The procedure is continued for 45 -50 mins. It is usually done to reduce stiffness, pain, swellings etc


Sirodhara is an oleation therapy for the head. For this, the patient is advised to lie on a special wooden droni with his neck and head comfortably placed. Then a non-stop continuous stream of the prescribed liquid medicine is gently poured on his forehead from a prescribed height through a specially devised apparatus called Dhara vessel for a period of time. Even though medicated oil/ thailam is commonly used for dhara, milk, buttermilk, and decoctions of herb extracts are some of the other fluids used for the same in different clinical conditions.

Dhara is considered to be effective for several diseases like stress-related disorders, sleeplessness, and many degenerative brain and spinal disorders.