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The post-eliminative therapy regimen in Ayurveda consists of a number of procedures tailored to restore the strength of the patient and to rejuvenate them after the strenous panchakarma procedures. Paschatkarma is as important as the other stages of therapy as the treatment remains incomplete without paschatkarma. Along with providing relief and recovery, preventing the recurrence of the disease is also an important goal of this leg of treatment.
Paschatkarma can follow the treatment immediately, like dhoomapana (medicated smoke inhalation) after vamana or it can be diet and lifestyle changes conducive to healing, like Peyadi krama after sodhan therapies. Paschatkarma helps patients reintegrate with the outside world slowly, by making them take ample rest, abstain from overly decadent meals, and follow a strict exercise regimen. Based on body composition and ailment, each patient is given a unique combination of chosen therapies with herbal concoctions that aid healing, medical guidance, instructions for the exercise, dietary, and lifestyle changes. If these treatment guidelines are not followed properly, impurities can easily infiltrate the system again.