How to beat Stress during COVID19

How to beat Stress during COVID19: A write up by Dr Somashree AS . COVID19 has been making us all anxious on various levels. Social isolation, health care, financial crises etc are contributing factors to anxiety during this pandemic making it very unique.

Are you stressed over covid 19?

Stress and anxiety can create problems both physically and emotionally. Further, it can affect your digestion and absorption, reduce our immunity and make us more vulnerable. The feeling of fear/doubt/anxiety/sadness is normal during a pandemic. A little stress can be helpful. It can be the motivator that keeps us self isolating or reminds us to wash our hands. But constant or high levels of stress can negatively affect us.

So, how can we manage COVID19 stress?

  • Keep a routine: Start your day well. Adapting and creating positive new routines can be helpful and keep you motivated. Having a schedule well will keep your mind from wandering less.
  • Stay Connected: Set aside time to speak to family, friends and colleagues everyday. Get connected to your physician if you need. Connecting with others releases good hormones that helps to relieve stress. While it is important to connect, try not to be hooked on the phone the whole day.
  • Avoid information overload: Keeping informed is important, but too much information may not be good for our stress levels. Try to limit the time you spend listening about the outbreak. Tune in to one or two reliable sources of news and check once or twice daily to stay informed.
  • Practice yoga meditation or pranayama regularly: Yoga is very well known to improve your wellbeing. Meditation helps root your mind and breathing techniques like pranayama can make you feel calm, improve lung functionality.
  • Eat healthy: Stress eating is a common side effect when you are free in stressful times. Try to eat healthy well balanced meals and exercise regularly.
  • Avoid use of excessive alcohol and other mood-altering drugs.
  • Monitor your health: If you or someone you know have pre-existing mental health conditions, continue with your treatment, and be aware of new or worsening symptoms.
  • Sleep well: Sleep has a huge role in balancing our mental well being. Reading on the pandemic in bed is a sure-fire way to be stressed while sleeping or to lose sleep. Having relaxing activities before bed is conducive to good sleep. Sleep is one of the 3 pillars that support life. Health, immunity, productivity etc depend on a good night’s sleep.

It is important to realize it’s okay to feel anxious. When it is too much to speak for yourself, seek help from loved ones and if needed, professionals too. Never suffer in silence, health workers including us are here for your help.

Stay calm
Stay healthy
Let’s get through this together.