How to manage Epilepsy with Ayurveda :Epilepsy / Seizures / Fits

Epilepsy is a disorder characterised by abnormal movements of body which is spasmodic or rhythmic which can lead to tiredness, fainting etc. It is happening due to abnormal neurological activities in brain. It is usually periodic in nature and can occur at any age with or without trigger factors.

Epilepsy is known as Apasmaara in ayurveda.

Management of Apasmara in Ayurveda

Tha main line of management of Apasmara is clearing the obstruction of channels of mind that are clouded by the increased doshas. Further detoxing of the body helps in eliminating the increased doshas. This detox can be panchakarma therapies according to the dosha imbalance of the patient. This is followed by pacifying internal medicines and rejuvanating treatments to not have recurrence of epilepsy.

Some special treatments for epilepsy performed at Saranya are:

  • Snehapana : Intake of medicated ghee potentiated with medicines will help in energising and calming the brain and mind.
  • Dhara : Sirodhara is a treatment where rhythmically medicaled oils are poured on the forehead for a period of 1 hour for 7-14 days. This is helpful in calming mind and preventing seizures.
  • Sirovasthy : Sirovasthy is where oil is made to stand on top of the head with a contraption tied around the head. The medicated effects of this oil is potent in reducing the frequency and preventing the recurrence of epilepsy.
  • Herbal medications : Ayurveda has innumerable herbal medicines which are brain tonics and are helful in epilepsy management.

At Saranya we have managed a lot of cases of epilepsy over the years. Watch the video where Ms. Paraskevi from Greece, EU, talks about her epilepsy management at Saranya.


Apasmara is caused by imbalance of doshas(functional body principles) which can be a result of

  • Recurrent intake of unwholesome and unclean food and drinks.
  • Constant state of aggression and ignorance of mind.
  • Having less peaceful time for long term.
  • Constantly being scared, angry, anxious or sad.

Living in the above mentioned state can elevate the doshas which can affect the heart and mind and cause recurrent convulsions or seizures.