Ishtika Swedanam

Ishtika Swedanam is a traditional Ayurvedic treatment that involves the use of heated bricks to induce sweat and promote detoxification. In this therapy, specific medicinal herbs are tied in a cloth bundle and dipped in warm medicated oils. These oil-soaked bundles are then placed on the patient’s body at specific points.

The heated bricks play a crucial role in transmitting heat to the body, opening up the pores, and facilitating the elimination of toxins through sweat. Ishtika Swedanam helps in relieving muscle and joint stiffness, reducing pain, and enhancing blood circulation. It is highly beneficial for individuals suffering from arthritis, musculoskeletal conditions, and certain neurological disorders.

The therapeutic effects of Ishtika Swedanam extend beyond the physical level. It aids in reducing stress, promoting relaxation, and restoring the body’s natural balance. The treatment is generally followed by a gentle massage to enhance its benefits further.