Karnapooranam and Karnadhoopanam

Karnapooranam and Karnadhoopanam are two important Ayurvedic treatments that focus on ear health and wellbeing.

Karnapooranam is the process of applying medicated oils to the ears. A small quantity of warm medicated oil is gently poured into the ear canal and allowed to remain there for a few minutes. This treatment helps in removing earwax, improving hearing, and alleviating ear-related discomforts.

Karnadhoopanam on the other hand, involves the fumigation of the ear canal using herbal fumes. A cone-shaped structure made of dough is placed around the ear, and medicinal smoke is directed into the ear canal. This therapy helps in balancing the ear’s doshas (energetic forces) and is especially beneficial for managing conditions like tinnitus, earaches, and ear infections.

Both Karnapooranam and Karnadhoopanam are safe and non-invasive procedures that promote ear hygiene and support overall ear health. They are often recommended for individuals experiencing ear-related issues or as a preventive measure to maintain optimal auditory function.