Vasthi is a powerful treatment in Ayurveda. It is introducing medicines through the anus and expelling the toxins through the same route. It is of two types.Anuvasanavasthi and Asthapanavasti

Anuvasanavasti – AnuvasanaVasti is enema therapy using medicated oils. It is usually done post food and is done using 60-100 ml of medicated oils/ Ghee. The colon is where Vata primarily resides and this procedure revitalizes the lower intestinal tract. It is good for all Vata aggravated diseases like joint disorder, paralysis, constipation, arthritis, urinary & reproductive disorders.

AsthapanaVasthi – Kashaya means medicated decoction and Vasti refers to the administration of medicines through the rectum. It is done in the treatment room on an empty stomach. After the preparatory treatments like abhyanga and local swedana, a larger quantity of medicines is injected through the anus. The toxins would empty soon after and it is followed by a specific diet pattern for a few days. It helps in the removal of gas that causes pain and also in removing toxins for the purpose of body detoxification. Kashaya Vasti is used to treat constipation, neurological ailments, paralysis, flatulence, lower backache, gout, rheumatism, etc.

Utharavasthy – It is a special kind of vasti procedure done in women in case of diseases affecting the genitals and uterus including infertility. In a sterilized procedure room, medicine is introduced into the uterus vaginally via a catheter. This is to be continued for a few days.